HGV Clandestine Entrant System

Tamper-Proof Clandestine Entrant Detection System

CamTrak has devised a unique intrusion detection system that will not only alert the driver of illegal entry to the vehicle, but it will also capture and send internal or external video footage live over the mobile network, and alert support teams. 

Any unauthorised intrusion into the goods area will trigger the system to send alerts via SMS as well as internal and/or external camera footage to a cab monitor.  Live streamed footage can also be sent over 3G to home base or a monitoring service.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) estimate that clandestine entry into the UK financially impacts businesses to a total of £1 billion a year. This cost is accumulated by the disposal of loads following the contamination of goods when people gain access to a vehicle to enter the UK unlawfully. The cost to UK businesses can be astronomical having a knock on effect to supply chains and insurance for the loads being brought into the UK by road hauliers. The RHA have assessed the costs and predicted the following as an accurate cost to the UK on a daily basis:

  • £1 Billion A Year

  • £3 Million A Day

  • £30,000 Per Trailer

This cost does not take into account any fines individuals or businesses may face: a new law in the UK states that any drivers found to have illegal migrants on board face a fine of £2,000 per migrant. This can mean for example an HGV where a driver is found to be carrying 10 illegal migrants into the UK could face a fine of £20,000, regardless of whether the driver knowingly or unknowingly supplied passage into the UK. In 2014 £4.2 Million was paid in fines by drivers or companies found to be carrying migrants into the UK, this equates to 2,100 migrants found entering the UK illegally using a road haulier.

The Law in the UK is clear that it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure his vehicles seals haven’t been broken and migrants haven’t entered his vehicle illegally. 

CamTrak systems can assist with live time alerts should an unauthorised person enter your vehicle to steal or stowaway. Using our own designed internal intruder technology with our 3G GSM video accident camera systems we can deliver your drivers live time alerts and images should your vehicle be targeted.

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