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It’s fair to say that we don’t normally pay a lot of attention the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The conference is held every year and Apple uses it to announce new products and new features. This year we’ve paid slightly closer attention as there’s some good news regarding road safety from Apple.

Apple has announced that there will be a new big update to their iOS software, which is the software that will be present in the new iPhone 8’s, but the software is also downloadable on most other iPhones. The new iOS11 will include a ‘do not disturb while driving’ feature that will be a safety benefit for all road users.

The new feature extends the use of the current ‘do not disturb’ feature, that can be turned on and off in the settings screen. Impressively, the new feature will be able to detect when you are driving and disable your phone from use, according to Apple.

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It is able to do this by using a number of already built-in features on the iPhone, such as Bluetooth connectivity, wifi doppler effects (for cars with wifi) and accelerometers.

Once the phone has detected that you are driving the screen will blank and divert all incoming calls, messages and any other notifications, in an attempt to eliminate as much phone distraction as possible.

The feature will also send a message on your behalf, letting those who are trying contact you know that you are driving and not ignoring them for no reason. The feature will still allow you to use your sat nav on your phone if you need to.

What if I am a passenger? – CamTrak – Accident Cameras

Passengers and those on public transport are obviously able to disable this feature, as can the driver (as it is a selective option) though it is a little trickier than just pressing a button.

Obviously this isn’t ground breaking technology and unfortunately, many people will choose not to use this new feature but it is a step in the right direction.

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