The Importance of Having an Accident Camera

A dashboard camera or an accident camera, commonly known as a ‘dash cam’ is a camcorder you have in your car that mounts onto the windscreen. The dash cam can capture almost everything in the view of the front of the car. Accident can improve your driving experience by recording a part of your drive, and their most important use comes from how they can protect you on the road by recording footage of any circumstance that puts you, or others, in danger.

Police and the general public are turning to accident camera footage to arrest people who have committed crimes. Accident cameras can easily be fitted into most motor-vehicles and can play a huge part in crimes and insurance claims.

What is better… someone’s word or actual footage?

In the past, CCTV footage has been relied on for video evidence of what has happened. Unfortunately, there are not CCTV cameras everywhere to cover every angle of the road to be used in support of claims. CCTV cameras are usually only fitted in public places like shops, restaurants and car parks, and are only purchased if the owner of the land chooses to place importance on security and safety.

On the road, vehicles are weapons. Every time you go on the road your life could be at risk. You have to be so careful with your own concentration when driving, and you have to pay an equal amount of attention to what is going around you. You cannot control how other driver’s concentrate, how fast they go, or the decisions they make.
This shows the importance of a dash cam. An accident camera can provide crucial footage to get somebody off the road who is being irresponsible. An accident camera also helps put those behind bars who have committed a crime and would get away with it without footage. They allow you to take control in situations where CCTV is not available.

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AIO1500 All In One Vehicle Accident Camera

Accident cameras are so important for insurance claims as, without the evidence of other people, it can be your word against somebody else’s. If somebody was in the wrong, the chances are they won’t admit being so. This is where video footage can save you a lot of money and reward you for being safe on the road.

If more motor vehicles were fitted with accident cameras, then it is likely that we would see a reduction in the level of dangerous driving account from drink-driving and general irresponsible road-use. This is because the people committing the offences will know they have a higher risk of being caught.

There are so many benefits to an accident camera, if you are interested in the safety of those in your vehicle and other’s on the road, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have an extensive range of the latest technology video telematics solutions and aim to, with your help, make the road a safer place.

CamTrak – Accident Camera Specialists

At Camtrak, we aim to provide the transport industry and road users with the best camera technology to provide security and safety, for more information on our accident cameras, get in touch with us today.

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