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New car technology is developing at a scary pace, with a number of innovative and exciting features coming to the marketing this year, we have a look at some the best driver, safety and infotainment aids that are on the market.

Vehicle 2 Vehicle or V2V – Mercedes- Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the true pioneers of in-car tech and its V2V communication systems are some of the most advanced on the market. Fitted as standard on the newest E-Class, the V2V system allows Mercedes cars to communicate with each other, gather vital information such as the latest traffic conditions and prevailing weather. But the system doesn’t stop there, it is also able to communicate with street lamps, traffic lights and other road functions.

Bluetooth Key – Volvo

Losing your car keys can be somewhat inconvenient. Luckily, Volvo has developed an advanced Bluetooth system which can be paired with up to three separate smartphones, allowing you to access and drive the car using a personalised app on their mobile phone. If the car knows the phone is on board it will allow the engine to be started and driven away even without the key. The app is password protected to avoid security risks.

Night Vision Assist – Audi

Audi’s Night Vision Assist is a great feature, especially for those who live in the countryside, as it uses a thermal imaging camera to project hidden potential hazards onto the head up display. On dark roads, it is great for spotting cyclists or animals that could be lurking on the road. It is one of the most innovative safety features in recent years, currently only on the Q7 SUV but will be available on all other Audi models from 2018

Autonomous Emergency Braking – Volkswagen

There are a number of car manufacturers that offer Autonomous Emergency Braking, while both Volvo and Volkswagen have standardised it for all their new vehicles. However, Volkswagen deserves special recognition for being the first company to make AEB standard on all of its commercial vehicles as well as cars.

Intelligent Drive – Mercedes-Benz

This is Mercedes-Benz’s new semi-autonomous drive system, which assists drivers in maintaining the correct distance from other vehicles. It is also able to apply and release the brakes in traffic, offering a stress-free, semi-autonomous driving experience. The feature is currently available on the new E-class but will be cascaded to other models in the near future.

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