Men Pay More For Car Insurance Than Women – CamTrak – Accident Camera

On average, male motorists pay £101 more a year for their car insurance than women, according to a comparison website.

Men paid an average annual premium of £812 for comprehensive car insurance during the last quarter of 2016 compared, whereas women paid £711 on average, according to the comparison site,

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CamTrak – Accident Camera

The research suggested that the gap had widened compared to this time last year.

Insurers are banned from considering gender when setting premiums but can consider wider risks.

Amanda Stretton, of, said that insurers were becoming more astute in identifying particular accident risks, and would then price premiums accordingly.

She said that, on the whole, men drove more miles, in more advanced cars and were also more likely to drive to work than women – all of which would increase the chances of accidents occurring, which would then cause their insurance to go up.

Premium Rise – CamTrak – Accident Camera

European rules that were introduced at the end of 2012, means insurers cannot take the gender of their customers into consideration when they are setting their insurance premiums.

Other factors can be considered but, after the new rules were introduced, men paid £27 more on average on an annual premium, according to

This then widened to £51 two years ago before going above £100 for the first time in the last quarter of 2016.

The typical comprehensive car insurance premium is £767, rising by 16% (£95) in a year, the report said.

accident camera

CamTrak – Accident Camera


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