Where to Place your Sat Nav

Sat-nav devices have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, with drivers ditching the traditional maps in favour of a smaller, more direct visual aid.

However, recently there has been a lot of confusion as to where you are supposed to place your sat-nav when you are driving. The Highway Code states you are not supposed to have anything blocking your view of the road or your mirrors. Having a sat-nav on your windscreen isn’t something you’re likely to get pulled over for if you’re sensible, but it’s worth putting more consideration into where to place your sat-nav in your car.

Where to put it?

Obviously, every vehicle is different when it comes to seat height, window size and dashboard shape, so there isn’t a definitive answer to suit everyone. The best thing to do is to find a device that sticks to your dashboard, away from your windscreen. But if that isn’t possible, there are a few things to consider when sticking a sat-nav to your windscreen:

Keep it low

By placing your sat-nav at the bottom of your windscreen, you keep the majority of your unimpeded.

Keep it to the side

The police will say that the best place to have your sat0nav is down to the right, keeping it out of your general view. Placing the device directly in front of you is a big no-no. You could place it in the centre of your windscreen, as long as the device is low down.

Don’t trail the wire

If your device has to remain plugged in, make sure that the wire is well away from the driver.

There is some advice online which claims the best place to stick your sat-nav is on the driver side window. But you a required to have a clear view of you side-mirrors so, it is not advisable to place your device here.

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