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Uber has lodged its legal appeal against Transport for London’s decision not to renew its private hire license after TfL ruled that it is not ‘fit and proper’ for the company to run taxi services in London. Uber London filed papers with Westminster magistrates court in an attempt to reverse the ruling.

The license Uber had expired on the 30th September, but Uber’s cars will remain available in London until the legal process is finished – which would potentially be a year or more. According to a judicial office spokesman, the first hearing is likely to take place on the 11th December.

Uber has indicated that it hoped it would resolve its issues with TfL without going further down legal avenues, although the appeal process was essential for its continued operations in the short term.

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A spokesman for Uber said: “While we have today filed our appeal so that Londoners can continue using our app, we hope to continue having constructive discussions with Transport for London. As our new CEO has said, we are determined to make things right.”

Uber’s new CEO Dara Khorowshahi, who took the reigns in September, has apologies for past actions and promised that Uber would change – a public statement that was welcomed by London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khorowshahi visited London at the start of October to talk with the TfL commissioner which resulted in both side describing the visit as “constructive”.

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TfL had previously indicated that the “conduct and approach” of Uber had been the problem. The license decision had cited concerns including Uber’s approach to reporting criminal offences, how it conducted medical and criminal checks on their drivers and whether software employed to evade regulation was being used in London.

The debate over whether Uber should be allowed to operate in the future has divided Londoners, with more than 850,000 people signing a petition urging the mayor to revoke the decision. However, polls have indicated a small majority back the decision to stop Uber operating for now.

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