TVS4000 Live Transmission DVR

Robust Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which records and streams live up to 4 channels of high quality video and optional 2-way audio over mobile networks

  • Up to 4 live streams of video and 2-way audio over 3G or 4G networks
  • GPS positioning embedded in video files
  • Date, time and location stamped for legal purposes
  • Embedded WiFi module for off-loading recorded files
  • Ability to transmit data and alerts from additional devices on-board such as axle weight monitoring etc.
  • Retrieve events via desktop and handheld devices
  • Strong aluminium chassis and fan-less design
  • Compatible with 8v-36v vehicle electrics

Product Description

The TVS4000 is designed to fit into any vehicle where high quality video recording and live transmission are essential to fulfil live vehicle video management. The built-in cellular modem provides far greater reliability and compatibility that other devices that use plug-in 3G ‘dongles’. An embedded GPS function provides location information integrated with transmitted and recorded video, along with acceleration, braking and cornering data from the 3-axis accelerometer.

The TVS4000 offers excellent resolution on all 4 channels, whether transmitting, recording or both, and dual compression reduces data usage for both. As a supplementary alternative to live transmission the system can also download recorded video files automatically when within range of defined WiFi connectivity, perhaps at the depot, which would also save on data charges.

On-board video storage uses a 500GB Hard-Disk with unique and patented shock vibration, expandable to 1TB, and external additional storage can also be supported.

2-way audio between the Command and Control Centre and the vehicle is available, so that the vehicle and driver can always be contactable even where policies do not allow mobile phones in the cab.

A significant benefit of having live connectivity with the system is that the unit can also act as a monitoring and alert device for a range of additional systems that may be in use on the vehicle, such as tachographs, refrigeration units, axle weight systems etc. More commonly known as Mobile Resource Management (MRM), this will allow real-time data transfer or alerts to be transmitted from the vehicle, including remote diagnostics, configuration and firmware upgrades.


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