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TVS70HD Forward-Facing Video Recorder

The TVS70HD Forward-Facing Video Recorder can reduce your insurance premiums and keep you safer.

  • Large 2.7”monitor screen
  • Instant screen shot function
  • Records audio
  • Time & date stamped
  • Adjustable HD resolution
  • Power surge protection
  • Continuous seamless recording
  • Ant-vibration

Product Description

The TVS70HD is a forward facing dash camera that records in full 1080p HD resolution. It mounts securely to the windscreen and records the road ahead with a 110° wide angle lens and has a 2.7” high resolution LCD screen to review footage.
A dash camera is becoming an essential driving accessory to help prove innocence in accidents and road incidents on our increasingly busy roads, and we are also starting to see insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who have professionally fitted dash cams to their vehicles.
The built-in microphone can record sound and there is an instant screen-shot function to capture a still picture during recording or reviewing.
Power can either be provided by the USB/12V cable supplied or you have the option of having the camera professionally fitted and permanently wired into the vehicle ignition system. As soon as the camera gets power it will turn on and start recording.
Video footage is captured on an SD Card of up to 32GB


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