Rugged commercial grade 8 channel CCTV DVR recorder supporting up to 8 video camera simultaneously.


  • Support for up to 8 cameras
  • Large storage capacity of up to 4TB
  • Removable drives for playback or backup using viewing software
  • Manual access protected through key operated cover to storage and USB ports
  • Each channel is watermarked with time and date of recording
  • Menus and settings are password protected
  • Cameras can be individually con-figured to record or take snap-shots on detection of movement
  • All download file are encrypted and protected
  • Footage can be searched for and played back using time & date, or event

Product Description

The TVS8000 automotive DVR is a rugged professional grade vehicle CCTV DVR recorder which can record video and audio from up to eight cameras at once at a maximum 30Fps in D1(720×576) recording quality, in colour.

Significant storage capacity is available through support for 2.5in SATA hard drives or solid state drives up to 4TB in capacity, as well as supporting one or two SD/SDHC memory cards up to a maximum 256GB capacity combined. This will give up to 750 hours of recording capacity with 8 cameras in the highest recording quality.

The TVS8000 vehicle CCTV recording system is highly configurable and provides the ability to customise a choice of 3 different record setting for each camera.

A full 8 camera system can cover every angle of the vehicle internally and externally, and is suited for all types of vehicles including light commercial, HGV trucks, plant equipment, buses, coaches.

Up to 6 input sensors can be programmed to take individual feeds from around the vehicle to trigger events on the device, such as reversing, doors opening, indication etc, enabling specific clips related to these events to be more easily located.


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