Crackdown on Sharing Dash Camera Videos – Dash Cameras

Crackdown on Sharing Dash Camera Videos – Dash Cameras

The British motoring association, AA has warned that new rules may be needed to control the use of video footage taken by dash cameras.

Motorists who persistently share dash camera footage could be accused of voyeurism, according to the motoring organisation. The AA released a statement saying that too many drivers are posting videos online without considering the impact on the motorists being shown, they also said that in many of the cases, the drivers are pilloried for actions that are not their fault.

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Up to 15% of British motorists now use dash cameras, according to a recent poll carried out by the AA, with 1 in 100 saying they plan to share their footage on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The president of the AA, Edmund King told British newspaper, The Times: While most drivers with dashcams fit them to protect themselves from ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters or dangerous drivers, there is an element of vehicular voyeurism from some individuals.”

Many Positives Uses of Dash Camera Footage

The AA said it was not in favour of banning dash cameras, as there are many positive uses and results from dashcam footage, but the motoring organisation did say that the next government should consider tighter rules, similar to the ones used in other European countries:

  • Italy – number plates must be blurred in footage and remain private
  • Germany and Austria – their use is highly discouraged unless absolutely necessary (such as working in the haulage industry)
  • Portugal and Belgium – must have permission from others involved to share the video online

Having said that the AA did say that sharing footage of bad driving can have its advances. Such publicity can send a warning to irresponsible drivers, it said. The AA recommend that instead of posting dash camera footage online that it should be sent to the police, who can investigate any incident fairly.

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7 Reasons Commercial Fleet Managers Need to Consider Dash Cameras

7 Reasons Commercial Fleet Managers Need to Consider Dash Cameras

Dash cameras often capture weird and wonderful incidents both on the road and off it. But dash cams can be an incredibly useful addition to any form of transport, especially fleets of commercial vehicles.

Here are some reasons why your fleet of vehicles needs to have dash cameras:

1. Protecting your from crash-for-cash scams

One of the biggest arguments for arming your fleet with dash cameras is to provide protection from crash-for-cash scams, which have unfortunately become a real problem in the last few years.

The aim of the fraudulent scheme is to deliberately stage an accident where the driver who is following a vehicle can be blamed for smashing into another vehicle. It normally involves a road user slamming on the brakes suddenly and unnecessarily.

Back in 2012, these fraudulent claims cost the freight industry around £390 million, as more than 70,000 personal injury cases were reported. Not only did this raise insurance premiums, it has an impact on vehicle downtime and repair costs.

2. Evidence for insurance claims on the road

Even if there is no suggestion that a traffic incident was a fraudulent scheme to make money, a dash camera can help clear up any type of accident insurance claim, by providing video evidence to the insurance companies.

At the moment, an insurance claim relies a lot on descriptions and explanation given by the parties involved. Unfortunately, insurance companies have no way of telling who is being truthful. On top of this, drivers or pedestrians might not remember the incident too well, which could lead to inaccurate or unreliable reports.

3. Evidence for insurance claims while parked

A recent survey showed that a fifth of people would drive off if they hit a parked car in their local supermarket car park, especially if no on noticed.

Although most parking incidents tend to be minor, it can still occasionally lead to an insurance claim, which a dash camera could provide evidence for, which is obviously very handy, if the other party drives off or doesn’t leave any contact details.

4. Speeding up insurance claims

Insurance claims aren’t exactly a quick process, and waiting for the final verdict can often be painfully slow. But if you have a dash cam in your vehicle, the process can be sped up.

Instead of collecting a bunch of written evidence from every party involved, the insurer can simply look at the incident in question, using the dash cam footage and come to a rational conclusion.

5. Reduce insurance premiums

Like we mentioned earlier, the number of crash-for-cash scams has increased a worrying amount over the last few years. This has meant insurance premiums have gone up, as the cost of compensation needs to be recovered from somewhere.

Luckily, the insurance industry is starting to recognise that dash cams can help solve this ongoing problem. One leading insurer claimed that they would give 10 percent discount if you had a dash cam in your vehicle.

A lot will depend on who your insurer is, but it looks as if the insurance industry is moving in the right direction.

6. Record driver behaviour

A dash cam can record driver behaviour if you have a dual-lens camera that is able to record in-car activity as well. This will allow you to see whether drivers are taking the correct routes or making unnecessary stops.

A dual-lens dash cam would be able to record any instances of mobile phone use or road rage, allowing you to take the appropriate action.

7. Promotes safer driving

You could your drivers the best training and provide great incentives to encourage safe driving, but when they are behind the wheel they could still be driving dangerously. Along with increases the chance of having an accident, this kind of driving can have a detrimental effect on fuel economy, costing you money in the long run.

But by being constantly monitored, drivers will make a conscious effort to drive in a safe and careful manner, meaning the chances of an accident will be greatly reduced.


There aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t want to install dash cams to your fleet of vehicles. They have gained a reputation for helping catch crash-for-cash fraudsters, and they have several other benefits that we have been over.

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