New Cars Not as Fuel Efficient As They Claim – CamTrak – Vehicle Cameras

New Cars Not as Fuel Efficient As They Claim – CamTrak – Vehicle Cameras

New cars are using a lot more fuel on the roads than in laboratory tests. Which has left people asking questions about the accuracy of car manufacturers’ claims.

The research was conducted by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), who found that on average, fuel use was 25% higher than claimed on the government-mandated fuel consumption label displayed on all new cars. In some cases, they were 60% above what the label said.

The study examined 17 newly and commonly available cars in the past 10 months. And although the AAA did not name the manufacturers, they did say that the cars were selected across a number of different brands, vehicle types and fuel types.

On-road noxious gas emissions from five diesel cars were found to be over the legal limit, with one of these cars being over the limit by up to eight times.

Two petrol cars were also found to be significantly above the limits for carbon monoxide emissions.

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Serious concerns about the trust of car manufacturers emissions claims had been raised after the Volkswagen scandal back in 2015. VW were caught installing software in cars that allowed it to game emissions tests in the United States.

The scandal was released after environmental groups detected discrepancies between real-world emissions tests and those recorded in laboratory tests.

The cars tested had all be driven at least 2,000km but no more than 85,000km, and were no older than 2014. Every car was tested twice, once from a cold start and the other from a warm start and were driven along the same route in Melbourne, Australia, which contained urban, extra urban and freeway driving.

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£220m Transport Schemes – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has pledged £220m for transport and public space improvements across London.

The mayor said the cash would be used by all of the 33 boroughs for projects that will reduce dangers on the road, encouraging people to cycle and walk, transform local areas and improve air quality.

Among the schemes set to start this year that will benefit are the widening and decluttering of cycle paths in South Norwood; a £1m revamp of Beckenham town centre; and improvements to the junction of Sangley Road and Sandhurst Road in Lewisham.

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When speaking about the schemes, Mr Khan stated: “I’m proud that through the new Transport for London Business Plan we are creating a modern and affordable transport network for the capital, and am delighted that we are able to invest an increased level of funding across the boroughs next year too.

He continued: “By making walking and cycling easier and safer, and funding projects that will improve air quality, we can help boroughs right across the capital to deliver transport and public space improvements that are going to make a real difference to the lives of Londoners.”

Back in the start of December, Sadiq Kahn outlined how his five-year business plan for Transport for London (TfL) would cut waste whilst saving £800m every year. And if this plan goes ahead, it will be the biggest restructuring in TfLs history and a number of jobs within the organisation will be cut.

On the whole, the mayor of London is looking to save in excess of £2bn through a new operating model that reduces management layers and merges TfL’s engineering arms.

The restructuring of TfL is already well underway, with them saving £70m on IT project spending and £40m over the next five years through removing almost 50 senior manager posts within the organisation.

£220m Transport Schemes - CamTrak - Vehicle Camera

£220m Transport Schemes – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

CamTrak – Vehicle Camera 

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