Driverless Cars on UK Roads by 2021 – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

Driverless Cars on UK Roads by 2021 – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

Driverless cars could be on UK roads within the next four years after the UK government announced plans to invest in the sector.

Chancellor Philip Hammond state the objective was to have “fully driverless cars” without a safety attendant on board in use by 2021.

Mr Hammond said, “Some would say that’s a bold move, but we have to embrace these technologies if we want the UK to lead the next industrial revolution,”.

However, the chancellor did admit that he was yet to use a driverless car himself.

When speaking on the Andrew Marr show he told the audience that he was promised to go in one this week, when he and Theresa May go to the West Midlands to announce an increase in budget for the transport industry.

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Mr Hammond is expected to announce regulation changes in this week’s Budget, which will allow developers to apply to test driverless vehicles on UK roads.

When questioned on the potential loss of jobs for drivers, he said the country can’t “hide from change”, and that it was up to the government to ensure people are equipped with the necessary skills “to take up new careers”.

The announcement comes after the UK’s biggest car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, began testing driverless cars on public roads. The tests were conducted in Coventry over several weeks with a human on board to react to any emergencies.

It is predicted that by the year 2035, the industry will be worth up to £28bn to the UK economy and could have created 27,000 jobs

How far off are we? – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

Critics have warned that the necessary technology for driverless cars is still a long way off from being ready.

Jeremy Clarkson, former Top Gear host said he was recently in a self-driving car which made two mistakes which could have killed him in just a 50-mile journey.

Writing in the Sunday Times magazine, Mr Clarkson said the incidents convinced him that the technology was still a very long way off, adding that “for now, we’re miles away from it.”

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Uber Appeal Against Loss of Licence – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

Uber has lodged its legal appeal against Transport for London’s decision not to renew its private hire license after TfL ruled that it is not ‘fit and proper’ for the company to run taxi services in London. Uber London filed papers with Westminster magistrates court in an attempt to reverse the ruling.

The license Uber had expired on the 30th September, but Uber’s cars will remain available in London until the legal process is finished – which would potentially be a year or more. According to a judicial office spokesman, the first hearing is likely to take place on the 11th December.

Uber has indicated that it hoped it would resolve its issues with TfL without going further down legal avenues, although the appeal process was essential for its continued operations in the short term.

A New CEO – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

A spokesman for Uber said: “While we have today filed our appeal so that Londoners can continue using our app, we hope to continue having constructive discussions with Transport for London. As our new CEO has said, we are determined to make things right.”

Uber’s new CEO Dara Khorowshahi, who took the reigns in September, has apologies for past actions and promised that Uber would change – a public statement that was welcomed by London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khorowshahi visited London at the start of October to talk with the TfL commissioner which resulted in both side describing the visit as “constructive”.

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TfL had previously indicated that the “conduct and approach” of Uber had been the problem. The license decision had cited concerns including Uber’s approach to reporting criminal offences, how it conducted medical and criminal checks on their drivers and whether software employed to evade regulation was being used in London.

The debate over whether Uber should be allowed to operate in the future has divided Londoners, with more than 850,000 people signing a petition urging the mayor to revoke the decision. However, polls have indicated a small majority back the decision to stop Uber operating for now.

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Cleaner Cars Rather Than Fewer Cars – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

Cleaner Cars Rather Than Fewer Cars – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

According to a leading government advisor, the plans to promote electric vehicles in the UK do not go far enough to tackle air pollution.

Professor Frank Kelly has said that the key to tackling the air pollution problem in the UK is having fewer cars on the roads, not just cleaner cars and that London should lead the way in promoting non-polluting transport policies.

Currently, electric cars produce particulates from their tyres and brakes which are linked to serious health problems.

Last week, the government unveiled its strategy for tackling illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air. With the key element of the strategy being a promise to end the sale of all new diesel and petrol cars by the year 2040.

The government also said there would be a number of significant investments in ultra-low emission vehicles, with some £600m going into the development and manufacture of such vehicles by 2020.

But according to Frank Kelly, who is a professor of environmental health a Kings College London and chair of the government advisory committee on the medical effects of air pollutants, the governments’ strategy does not go far enough.

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According to the Royal College of Physicians the premature deaths of around 29,000 people in the UK each year, are linked to particle pollution, which is more than the 23,500 early deaths attributed to nitrogen dioxide. The combined total is expected to be around 40,000 as some people are harmed by both pollutants.

Professor Frank Kelly believes that attitudes towards cars are changing, with young people living in London opting for a car club membership and ride-sharing apps instead of buying a car.

London’s Mayor, Sadie Khan, has already committed the city to a future of fewer car journeys, aiming to cut the number by three million per day from In his draft strategy, which was unveiled in June, he proposed making the entire transport system in London free of emissions by 2050.

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New Cars Not as Fuel Efficient As They Claim – CamTrak – Vehicle Cameras

New Cars Not as Fuel Efficient As They Claim – CamTrak – Vehicle Cameras

New cars are using a lot more fuel on the roads than in laboratory tests. Which has left people asking questions about the accuracy of car manufacturers’ claims.

The research was conducted by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), who found that on average, fuel use was 25% higher than claimed on the government-mandated fuel consumption label displayed on all new cars. In some cases, they were 60% above what the label said.

The study examined 17 newly and commonly available cars in the past 10 months. And although the AAA did not name the manufacturers, they did say that the cars were selected across a number of different brands, vehicle types and fuel types.

On-road noxious gas emissions from five diesel cars were found to be over the legal limit, with one of these cars being over the limit by up to eight times.

Two petrol cars were also found to be significantly above the limits for carbon monoxide emissions.

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Serious concerns about the trust of car manufacturers emissions claims had been raised after the Volkswagen scandal back in 2015. VW were caught installing software in cars that allowed it to game emissions tests in the United States.

The scandal was released after environmental groups detected discrepancies between real-world emissions tests and those recorded in laboratory tests.

The cars tested had all be driven at least 2,000km but no more than 85,000km, and were no older than 2014. Every car was tested twice, once from a cold start and the other from a warm start and were driven along the same route in Melbourne, Australia, which contained urban, extra urban and freeway driving.

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£220m Transport Schemes – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has pledged £220m for transport and public space improvements across London.

The mayor said the cash would be used by all of the 33 boroughs for projects that will reduce dangers on the road, encouraging people to cycle and walk, transform local areas and improve air quality.

Among the schemes set to start this year that will benefit are the widening and decluttering of cycle paths in South Norwood; a £1m revamp of Beckenham town centre; and improvements to the junction of Sangley Road and Sandhurst Road in Lewisham.

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When speaking about the schemes, Mr Khan stated: “I’m proud that through the new Transport for London Business Plan we are creating a modern and affordable transport network for the capital, and am delighted that we are able to invest an increased level of funding across the boroughs next year too.

He continued: “By making walking and cycling easier and safer, and funding projects that will improve air quality, we can help boroughs right across the capital to deliver transport and public space improvements that are going to make a real difference to the lives of Londoners.”

Back in the start of December, Sadiq Kahn outlined how his five-year business plan for Transport for London (TfL) would cut waste whilst saving £800m every year. And if this plan goes ahead, it will be the biggest restructuring in TfLs history and a number of jobs within the organisation will be cut.

On the whole, the mayor of London is looking to save in excess of £2bn through a new operating model that reduces management layers and merges TfL’s engineering arms.

The restructuring of TfL is already well underway, with them saving £70m on IT project spending and £40m over the next five years through removing almost 50 senior manager posts within the organisation.

£220m Transport Schemes - CamTrak - Vehicle Camera

£220m Transport Schemes – CamTrak – Vehicle Camera

CamTrak – Vehicle Camera 

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