Telematics Video Systems

Why You Need Telematic Video Systems

More than 1000 vehicles a week are targeted by deliberate ‘cash for crash’ scams, Cash for crash is usually staged using what is termed as a ‘slam on’. The offending vehicle slams on their brakes deliberately causing the victim to crash into the back of them, in 2013  30,000 slam on frauds costing millions of pounds were commited.  Over the past 5 years it is estimated there have been 300,000 cash for crash. Take a preventative measure and fit the Camtrak video systems to your vehicles, the TVS  range is specifically designed to target fraud and reduce claims costs by up to 56%

Camtrak are experts in 3G vehicle camera telematic video systems and at the forefront of technology, our sytems are designed to be affordable.  All our 3G vehicle cameras are precision engineered to the highest quality. Utilising the latest technology we offer fully automated FNOL (first notification of loss) devices designed to reduce the cost of claims, and deliver savings to both fleets and insurers.

Fitted with a highly accurate accelerometer which, when triggered at a configurable impact level, instantly triggers the automated process. For example in the event of a collision all the data is immediately transmitted seamlessly to our preferred FNOL partner, including speed, mileage, location and 720p or 1080i HD video. Within 12 minutes a claims handler can access the data for the device and initiate the claims process. A claims handler may also review the HD video footage for the collision, and can initiate a fast intervention with proof of fault or non fault as fast as 30 minutes.

Our camera systems are also capable of detecting potentially fraudulent claims especially low velocity impact (LVI) personal injury claims. With high resolution imagery over 3G, insurers or fleet managers can instantly see how many occupants were in the vehicle in front.

Our range of cameras are much more than just a vehicle camera, we offer an all in one immediate intervention and fleet management tool.

What does a 3G/4G Telematics Video System provide my fleet with:

  •          Vehicle Location

  •          Speed

  •          Over Speed Alarms

  •          Remote Mileage

  •          Remote Maintenance & Fault Finding

  •          Harsh Acceleration

  •          Geo-Fence Locating (Automatic alerts if a vehicle leaves and area)

  •          Timed Geo-Fence (Restricted vehicle use during business hours)

  •           Fuel economy increases

  •           Economical driving improvements

  •           Decreased Harsh braking incidents 

  •           Reduced engine idling

  •           Driving hours

  •           Reduced Insurance Premiums

  •           First Notification Of Loss

  •           Third Party Details Captured

  •            Fast Intervention

  •            LVI detection

  •            HVI detection

What are the benefits of a 3G/4G Telematics Video System:

  •      Collision costs are reduced

  •      Third party details can be captured

  •      Third party vehicle occupants are immediately visible

  •      Deters fraudsters

  •      Higher data storage capacity

  •      Reduce Costs

  •      Increase Protection

  •      Accurate Information

  •      Immediate Access Data & Video

  •      Offers The Latest Technology

  •      Review Footage In Minutes

  •      Vehicles Remain On The Road