TVS100 HD SD Vehicle Camera Systems

High Definition Forward Facing Vehicle Camera

The TVS100 vehicle accident camera is an all in one High Definition forward facing telematic video vehicle camera system with GPS and impact detection and can be universally fitted to all vehicles.


The TVS100HD Telematics Video System is an all in one forward facing vehicle camera. The unit provides 1080i High Definition video using a 170⁰ ultra wide 6G lens.

The unique design of the TVS100HD unit allows the camera to be mounted to the windscreen of any vehicle and achieve a crystal clear HD image of the road ahead.

The built-in 3-axis G-sensor (accelerometer) has a self-levelling capability to ensure accurate accelerometer readings.  The unit will trigger recording in the event of an   accident along with data about the braking force, acceleration, speed and GPS location at the time. The TVS100HD can also be configured to capture a predetermined elapse time before and after the event.

Within the unit, there is a 1.5” HD LCD monitor screen which is easy to navigate and lets you playback recordings directly on the camera at any time. Reviewing software is included, allowing you to search and select a section of recorded video on your PC to playback, along with integrated mapping that will show the location of the event using the recorded GPS location data.

The camera is very reliable and has the capacity to operate in extreme temperatures of up to 140⁰F.

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