TVS2001 3G/4G Telematics Video System

CamTrak TVS2001 3G/4G Vehicle DVR Video Telematics Tracking System

The TVS2001 is a smart, 2 channel, vehicle DVR that can stream & record video whilst broadcasting live high quality video, two way audio and a GPS Location from anywhere using mobile networks. 


The TVS2001 is a smart, 2 channel, wireless multimedia streaming/ recording device which broadcasts live high quality video, two way audio and GPS Location from anywhere using mobile networks (most commonly a 3G or 4G network). The unit can be monitored and controlled from any location globally using the software suite, via PCs/ laptops/ smart phones/ tablets. It has a built-in cellular module and can wirelessly stream up to 2 video channels concurrently.

The unit is designed to monitor mobile fleets of vehicles e.g. (trucks, taxis, couriers, armoured vehicles, ambulances and others) and for public transportation safety e.g. (trains, trams, buses). It can be used for personal use, to provide security for cars, boats and other personal assets. The system can also operate in open areas without infrastructure, supporting strategic antennas, oil rigs, electric/water sites and can be used for city safety requirements.

Our DVR is optimised for wireless cellular networks and provides stable video streaming at the highest available quality, without visible performance lag (low latency). The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments over long distances and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low. The unit is small in form and uses very low power (5V). Any analogue PAL/NTSC camera can be connected to the unit.

  • Worlds Smallest 2 Channel 3G DVR

  • Real embedded system (design for cellular network)

  • 2 Analogue video input up to D1 resolution

  • 2 video streaming over IP

  • 1 audio streaming over IP (2 ways)

  • Live video/audio/location streaming (low latency)

  • Dual encoding (recording and streaming) up to D1

  • PTZ control using RS-485

  • Built-in cellular module (need only SIM)

  • 2 SIM slots

  • Built-in memory for local recording (128MB)

  • Micro SD slot for local recording (up to SDHC 32g)

  • Optional Encryption (RSA 1024+AES)

  • High performance DSP based CODEC (H.264)

  • Built-in GPS receiver

  • Built-in Accelerometer 3 axis accelerometer

  • Deep Sleep mode and scheduler (months) using battery only

  • Deep sleep mode and wakeup upon external input/accelerometer

  • Monitoring video/voice and location over map

  • Tracking history over map

  • Bit rate/Frame rate remote control

  • Automatic bandwidth control

  • Alarm push button

  • Motion detection

  • SMS send according to events

  • Built-in lithium battery (5 hours streaming)